Snp Water Infra

We are glad to introduce ourselves as a leading Engineering, Manufacturing & Consultancy Company in water and wastewater treatment. We are manufacturing Dissolved Air Floatation Unit, Sludge dewatering machine -Screw press and Twin Wire Belt Filter Press , Jet aerator , Oil Interceptor API & TPI ,Rotary Drum Screen and other Water Treatment Equipment in Northern India at our works in Faridabad, Haryana. These equipment are use full at different –different stages of ETP to maintain the Pollution norms as following

We take pride in announcing that we have catered our value added services to almost every type of diversified industry which including. i.e

Textile & Automobile Industry

Food & Beverages Industry

Chemical / Process Industry

Pharmaceutical / Biotech / Bottled water to community

Paper Industries

Dissolved Air Floatation Unit- for reducing the 90 % of total suspended load and oil grease load of the effluent and can be used as substitute of Conventional Primary and Secondary Clarifier.

Screw Press - Screw press is an economical sludge dewater equipment with less power consumption in compression to any continues sludge dewater equipment without using rinsing water.

Belt Filter Press - Twin belt squeezing system is continues dewatering equipment with lower power consumption in compression to centrifuge and decanter.

Jet Aerator – Jet Aerator will be use full for mixing of different –different stream in equalization tank and as well as for aeration tank to maintain the level of BOD , COD as per the pollution control board norms with lower power consumption in compression to diffuser .

Oil Interceptor API and TPI – Oil water separator will be use full for recovery of free oil up to 90 % from the surface of oily effluent.

We have dedicated our all resources to deliver, cost effective, optimization, reliable, industrial pure water solutions to our customer. We offer a complete technologies, manufacturing capabilities, Project management and engineering infrastructure with a clear focus on water. We are upgrading ourselves with most advanced technologies as a solution oriented company that makes decision based on customer requirements and the latest market needs.

Some of the reasons, which make us a suitable business partner of your choice, are:

• Stringent quality checks.

• Specialized in the field of Water Treatment.

• Cost-effective \Value of Money\ System provider.

• 100 % Customer Satisfaction Track Record

• Association with reputed manufacturers ensures customized product procurement.

• Prompt delivery & after sales service.

• Fair & Transparent transactions, starting from Designing till Erection & Commissioning of System.