Transport Ventilation for Emergency Medical Services,Armies and Hospitals.

The medical equipments used by emergency medical services and hospital staff is critcally important to the successful outcome of emergency and transport ventilation. With assistance from mechanical ventilation, emergency personnel have their hands free for other important tasks.

Medumat Transport

Working in close cooperation with our customers and partners, we developed MEDUMAT Transport especially for the ventilation of patients in emergency situations and intensive care transport.

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MEDUMAT Standarda

MEDUMAT Standarda offers you everything you need for reliable emergency ventilation. Users around the world are impressed by its especially simple operation and ruggedness.

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Although patient resuscitation is not part of your daily work, you are regularly confronted with this challenging situation. Then it is all the more important to have a partner on your team that‘s completely reliable and capable of helping you with ventilation and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

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Module System

The expanding module concept for MEDUMAT consists of individual modules for oxygen inhalation (MODUL Oxygen) and the combination of oxygen inhalation and suction (MODUL Combi).The modules can be individually adapted to the LIFE-BASE portable system for mobile usage.

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One Resuscitator for Both, Adult and Child: One Resuscitator, Two Patient Groups Thanks to the unique technology of COMBIBAG, the 2-in-1 resuscitator for adults and children, you always have the right equipment on hand. With a simple 180-degree turn of the COMBIBAG, you vary the volumes quickly and automatically adapt the tidal volume to the patient. The safety valve limits the ventilation pressure and protects the patient during ventilation with a mask or tube. With COMBIBAG you save time, free up space in your emergency case and save on costs.

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Silicone Resuscitator

Clear Ventilation – Increased Safety for Your Patients Flexible - The rotating patient connection lends the bag-valve-mask greater flexibility and its structured surface gives the user a good grip. Because it is available in three different sizes, you‘ll always have the right silicone resuscitator ready to treat adults, children and babies. You also have the choice from a range of accessories, such as a demand valve or an oxygen reservoir for additional oxygenation.

Safe - Thanks to the transparent mask, you can always keep an eye on your patient. If the patient vomits, for example, you can see the problem immediately and react without delay. Clean In the transparent bellows and mask it‘s easier for you to see traces of contamination.

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