Suction Aspirators

Our rugged suction pump simply and effectively removes secretions from the oropharynx. When the patient's breathing is disrupted, paramedics take the first life-saving step of clearing the respiratory tract. Then mechanical ventilation can begin. You have a broad selection from our proven suction pumps: MANUVAC for manual suctioning, ACCUVAC Rescue and ACCUVAC Basic for electric suctioning or OMNIVAC for suctioning powered by oxygen or pressurized gas.


ACCUVAC Rescue can be used anywhere in any suction situation. It is equally suitable for suctioning the patient‘s oral cavity, nose and throat and bronchial system and for deflating air mattresses and inflatable splints. The crash-resistant wall mounting (EN 1789) protects the suction pump from damage in ambulances. In the hospital a wall mounting safely holds the ACCUVAC Rescue.

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It is crucial to survival to keep the patient‘s airways free and clear. For decades ACCUVAC Basic has set the standard for medical suction. With suctioning of your patient‘s mouth, nose, throat, trachea and bronchial tubes, ACCUVAC Basic effectively removes obstructions to breathing. The suction pump can be used at the scene of an emergency, in the hospital, in nursing homes and in home care.

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The manual suction pump MANUVAC has been proven in emergency use. MANUVAC is rugged, stable, maintenance-free and simple to operate by hand, foot or knee. Despite its small dimenstions, MANUVAC has strong sution capability with a maximum -700 mbar. It can remove up to 160 ml of secretion per pedal push. The removable secretions container is equipped with a two-stage hose system for the suction of mucous, blood and solid food particles.

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