Patient Handling Systems

The aptitude demonstrated since its debut, to pick up on new ideas has enabled us to build a one of a kind collection, in which the diversities come together in a decisive visual impact. Spencer is a company that is capable of generating new solutions for transport, always on the lookout for new trends in design to subvert the established order in the rescue field. The section dedicated to stretchers illustrates some of the most significant qualities of contemporary engineering design.

Ambulance Stretchers

The person who takes on the greater responsibilities will automatically gain a higher entrepreneurial spirit. We have proved to the world and especially to the industry that there are other ways to make a stretcher. In the beginning, we already had clear ideas of what we wanted to achieve, but we did not know how to do it.

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Scoop Stretchers & Accessories

Thanks to the scoop action carried out by two longitudinal edges it is possible to position the stretcher below the patient without having to move him/her. The scoop stretcher can be used to lift, transfer or transport the majority of patients. Special attention has been given to the choice and definition of the material used in construction, which have to respond to certain needs: lightness, mechanical resistance, trustworthiness and durability.

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Spine Boards

The rigid spine boards provides a system of recovery, transport and immobilization of the patient with suspected lesions of the vertebrae. The fixation to the stretcher, through the Rock Straps system of nylon/self-adherent strips belts, permits lifting of the patient even vertically during extrication or transportation in difficult conditions. In addition, thanks to four high density polyethylene sliding blocks, It can slide on steps.

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Foldable Stretchers for First Response

The aluminium structure is characterised by its lightness and robustness. In order to guarantee stability on uneven surfaces, the feet are made of thermally treated aluminium. The aluminium frame is connected to stainless steel spacers, to make the complete structure of the 100 Series completely rust proof. Even on high loads, the stainless steel joints support the patient's weight longitudinally, avoiding problematic flexion.

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Patient Transfer Sheets

For excellence, quality, hard work and love for details are necessary. With this craftsmanship we are able to achieve the perfection that distinguishes our Hirvin injury transportation sheets. Scrupulous controls guarantee that every sheet responds to high standards of quality. In fact the Spencer logo is a worldwide symbol of high quality. During the realisation of the Hirvin injury transportation sheets a lot of attention was given mainly to the ergonomic aspect, considering the actual structural dynamic conditions as during use by the operator.

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Finally the problem of stocking vacuum mattresses is solved. If used on one side the Combimatt is a soft mattress for stretchers, if used on the other side it is an excellent vacuum mattress with longitudinal canals containing the air chambers.Used as a mattress for stretcher, Combimatt offers characteristics that optimise the transportation of the patient, as it absorbs all mechanical vibrations and improves thermal isolation.

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