Emergency Kits & Backpacks

It was the innovation in all-round pre-hospital care of emergency patients: the ULM CASE, which Weinmann developed some 30 years ago. Thanks to its organizational clarity, customized set-up of equipment and robust construction, the ULM CASE remains one of the most important transport containers in emergency medicine.


Highly organized at your fingertips – the ULM CASE with its semi-variable interior compartments has been on the scene for decades. The three classic ULM CASE products offer a wide range of compartment divisions for practically any requirement. Its versatility, combined with its unmatched ruggedness and durability, make each ULM CASE indispensable in an emergency.

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Standard-compliant Emergency Backpacks

The RESCUE-PACK emergency backpacks have been developed for use by the emergency medical services. They therefore meet the strict requirements set out in DIN 13232 “Emergency equipment”. This standard not only determines the contents required for various emergency equipment sets, but also defines safety requirements for the containers and the materials used.

The container, for example, needs to be dust-tight, splash-proof, temperature-resistant, and resistant to fuels. The emergency backpacks don’t just meet the requirements of DIN 13232. RESCUE-PACK and RESCUE-PACK I also comply with EN 1789 and DIN 13155 was also applied for RESCUE-PACK I.

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Keep Your Hands Free on the Way to an Emergency

With our RESCUE-PACK rescue backpacks, you have all the advantages of an emergency case as well as those of a backpack. You have everything you need stored in the backpack and are very well equipped for emergency responses.

Are you interested in our products and would you like some advice about RESCUE-PACK? Please get in touch with our Customer Service team.

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