Emergency Devices

In this fast moving world everyone should learn basic first aid techniques. You never know when you might need them - you could be at home, at work, at school or on holiday.

Whether it's a minor situation or something more serious, first aid knowledge will give you the confidence to act. You could be the difference between life and death. We provide First aid devices to treat for minor fractures, CPR, stop haemorrhage from actively bleeding vessels within minutes

SAM Splint

The original blue and orange SAM Splint is acclaimed by emergency care providers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide (and even beyond the Earth, on NASA space shuttles). The SAM® Splint is the gold standard in splints and is still Made in the USA. Built from a thin core of aluminum alloy and sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam, the SAM Splint can be bent into any of three simple curves, becoming extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limb. The SAM Splint is incredibly lightweight (only 4.0 oz.), and no other device offers so many variations for the treatment of orthopedic emergencies.

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TSimple, we wanted a better product than what was currently available. Generic bandages, moleskin, roll-ons, and sprays didn’t work for us. So we decided a new approach was needed, one that addressed the very cause of blisters: friction and shear forces on the skin. Blist-O-Ban was the result. Blist-O-Ban was invented by our own Dr. Sam Scheinberg and Adrian Polliack, Ph.D. Sam, an orthopedic surgeon and inventor of the SAM Splint, inspired a complete rethinking of blister prevention and management. Adrian incorporated his expertise on shear and friction to help produce a unique, innovative new approach to blister care.

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SAM Chest Seal

The SAM® Chest Seal is our new occlusive dressing designed for treating open chest wounds (also known as a sucking chest wound), a life-threatening situation that could lead to tension pneumothorax. This is the second leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield.

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SAM Pelvic Sling II

The SAM Pelvic Sling™ II is the first and ONLY force-controlled circumferential pelvic belt. It is scientifically proven in peer-reviewed studies to safely and effectively reduce and stabilize open-book pelvic ring fractures. The SAM Pelvic Sling II was designed not to over-tighten or under-tighten, unlike other commercial binders which allow unlimited force to be applied to the patient. Researchers at Legacy Health System utilized cadaver studies and clinical trials to determine the optimum range of force required to safely and effectively close an unstable pelvic fracture.

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AXIOSTAT belongs to an advanced class of wound dressings that stops traumatic external bleeding within few minutes of application. It is a sterile, single use, non-absorbable haemostatic dressing intended for temporary control of bleeding wounds.

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