Defibrillation and Monitoring

Defibrillation is one of the most important tasks in emergency medical care. When the heart loses its rhythm, every second counts. Seconds in which human life can be saved.

MEDUCORE Standard first checks your emergency patient carefully and then, if necessary, delivers a shock to defibrillate. If the patient also requires oxygen therapy or emergency ventilation, you are ideally equipped with MEDUCORE Standard. Integrated on our LIFE-BASE portable system, MEDUCORE Standard in combination with our MEDUMAT ventilators offers the world's first mobile solution for monitoring, defibrillation, ventilation and oxygen therapy.


MEDUCORE Standard is your strong partner for resuscitation. The defibrillator supports EMTs with automatic analysis of cardiac rhythm, understandable voice prompts and a metronome for chest compressions so you can keep an eye on everything.

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