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STARK PACKMATE as a Digital Proofing and mock-up Company we provide our clients with extensive range of retail packaging Solutions easier and faster than ever before.

We cater to all your needs by creating Packaging mock-ups on actual substrates, Packaging Prototypes, Digital Color Proofing, Short run printing, Shrink sleeves, Cartons , Laminated Pouch, Self adhesive labels, Sachets and many more Services.

We provide our clients a unique and innovative way to showcase their new packaging design prior to the launch at any stage of a project to facilitate their development and decision making process with regards to design aesthetics, pack sizes and other variable preliminary considerations.

It is rightly said “You can never judge a book by its cover page but you can judge a product by “its packaging”. Hence, we settle for the most revolutionary and state-of –the art procedures by producing Mock-ups.

In todays date where every Brand wants an Innovative and Durable cost saving Packaging we help you to service you with every possibilities of Innovation, through our advance time saving technology we can service you with Touch and Feel of your Packaging, in brief a unique and innovative way to showcase new packaging design prior to the launch.

An Idea becomes a Design – A Design becomes a Mock-up – A Mockup becomes a Final Product – Finally Product becomes a Profit to you.

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