Variable Data Printing

It’s no secret that today’s consumers love personalization and customization. Consumers respond to variety in their products, be it flavors, colors, designs or package sizes. With digital printing and VDP, you can easily create a variety of package options all in the same run — whether it be personalized packaging or seasonal packaging with unique design features that shift and change from package to package.

Product Differentiation

VDP can help brands create product differentiation across the whole package line-up. Think of the popular soft drink company's campaign with the different bottle labels printed with various names on each. This is created using variable data printing. Each label features a different design, and the process is not slowed as each unique label is printed.

Customization & Personalization

Personalization helps companies to interact with their customers in a new way. It can help you turn a single design file into a wide variety of product labels. For example, a company needs to find a way to pack in a lot of information into a small label space. Companies can also have dozens of different SKUs that each require a different label. Instead of creating a different design file for each SKU, you can use a single design layout and a variable data spreadsheet to print labels

Keep Count of Your Products with Consecutive Number Labels and Serialized Barcodes

Sometimes you need to have a way to identify your individual products. Serialized barcodes and serial numbers can make it easier to keep track of products, equipment, or anything else that can use a label. Through variable printing, you can systematically add these numbers without having to create individual designs for each product or writing serial numbers on products by hand.

Consumer Engagement

Want to increase consumer engagement with the help of your packaging? Variable data printing can print a unique QR code on each package that will take consumers to a specific location, like a webpage or video. There, they can view a recipe, video message, promotion, product instructions, etc. This will not only engage your customer but also it creates a trust in the customers minds which in-turn increases your business.

Brand Authentication

For brands looking to highlight a product’s authentication or sourcing information, a QR code can be used on the package to deliver detailed information unique to that individual item. Things like a product verification page, to confirm the authenticity of the product, or a page highlighting where and when it was produced, as well as batch number, manufacturing location and date/time.

Advantages & Features

QR Codes

Serialized Barcodes

Marketing Campaigns

Variation in Color, Images & Text

Date Labeling