Short Run Digital Printing

"It is no longer a case of “Make then Sell". The speed of digital press technology means that ‘sell then make’ is fast becoming the new philosophy"  

Stark Packmate offers Short Run labels, shrink sleeves and laminates in a variety of styles so that you get exactly what you want without ordering more than you need. The HP Indigo WS6900 Digital Press enables us to take digital printing with no plate involved. HP Indigo with its most extensive colour gamut and best in class colour control provides consistent quality output and accurate registration. This most sophisticated digital press makes it possible for small quantities to be ordered at reduced printing costs and can even result in a much faster turnaround.

Short Run Label Printing in Roll Form

Short run printing in roll form is the biggest innovation in today's dynamic market scenario by catering the needs of both big and small scale business entities.

Stark uses the latest technology as part of our top-of-the-line and versatile label printing services. We believe in creating high-quality custom labels and shrink sleeves using only the best product label materials from Avery Dennison. At stark label stocks are available for all types of products, including bottle labels, food labels , custom roll labels, health and nutraceutical labels, custom warning and safety labels and much more like:

Oil and Water Resistant Labels



Paper Stocks


Shrink Sleeve & Laminate Printing

Hp indigo digital press makes it possible for you its customers to take up short run prints on shrink sleeves and laminates. Shrink sleeeves are becoming dominant in the beverage market segment. Shrink sleeves offer craft brewers and ready-to-drink brands the opportunity to leverage up to 100% coverage on the package. This helps to engage consumers with their brand and messaging. On the other hand laminate printing is an ever growing industry, short run demand for the laminates is something that startups and small business entities are ever looking for, with Hp indigo solution this shrink sleeve and laminate printing is taken care off in much FASTER, EASIER AND ECONIMICAL WAY both in roll and formed pouch form. Stark has varierty of shrink sleeve and laminate stock available making brand decisions easier and faster

Shrink Sleeve Stock


Pet G

Laminate Stock




2 layer & 3 layer Laminate



Cost Effective

Since you order a small quantity and also due to lack of set up costs for plates or die tools, you end up paying much lesser with digital printing

Greater Flexibility

Because you are ordering in smaller quantity, it is very easy to change the design, or vary the data on your label quickly.

Superb Quality

With Digital Printing the final results are beautiful. You get the high resolution printing on papers, clear or metallic substrates

Exact Quantities

With Short Run Digital Printing you only pay for what you ordered hence saving on your spending cost as well

Faster Turnaround

You can have your labels in your hands within hours as short Run takes less time to produce